Borrow sports equipment


This academic year we are lancing the digital sports card that you can purchase via the brand new studentensport Limburg app.

You can download the app from September to explore the range of the sports program. You can verify yourself as a student and then it is possible to buy a digital sports card for 25 EUR. You need a ping-ping account to pay for the card, but the app will guide you through the necessary steps.

You can participate at the activities by reserving 'your place' in advance in the form of a 'ticket'. Once on site (eg dance hall, swimming pool, etc ...) you must confirm your attendance by scanning the QR code that will be available at the accommodation. You do this by opening your reservation ticket in the app, in doing this we can monitor your participation and do the necessary in case of necesarry contact tracing due to covid-19.

Know that you can fully or partially reclaim the expenses for the sports card through your health insurance fund. Via the app you will be able to download the form you need for this .

We are very curious about your enthusiasm for our brand new sports app and hopefully it has been tingling for a while to finally start exercising again!

Below we list the benefits of the sports card:

-> Free participation in regular weekly activities

(group lessons, indoor football, volleyball, kickboxing, ...)

-> Discount on and priority for the initiations and extramuros activities

(horse riding, skiing, squash, gliding, ...)

-> Discount on the entrance tickets for external sports facilities

(wall climbing, squash)

-> Free entrance to the swimming pool of Hasselt and Genk, in the Schaverdijn skating rink from the start of the academic year (21/09/2020) all year round, except in July and August.

Without a sports card it is also possible to participate, but you do not receive the above benefits and you have to pay for all activities via the app.

Please note, students and staff are insured through their institution's insurance.

External persons are not insured against possible accidents, they must take care of insurance themselves.



Download the app!

Questions?  Contact Nick.