Meldpunt Grensoverschrijdend gedrag

What can you report?

The form below is intended for whoever wants to report a situation with (alleged) inappropriate behaviour. The situation must always involve a UCLL student.

Inappropriate behaviour is defined as behaviour of a person or persons who perform(s) acts online and/or offline that are threatening, cause fear, are physically and psychologically hurtful, humiliating, discriminating or ostracising. Bullying, cyberbullying, inappropriate sexual behaviour and physical and psychological violence are categorised as inappropriate behaviour. Some other types of aggression (e.g. stalking) fall into the same category.

You can report certain situations as a victim, as a witness, and as a person facilitating inappropriate behaviour.

Who receives the report?

Every report, including those via the digital inappropriate behaviour helpdesk, is sent to a trained confidential advisor. UCLL has two confidential advisors who operate regionally: one confidential advisor is available for students of the UCLL campuses in Flemish Brabant; the other confidential advisor is the point of contact for students of the Limburg UCLL campuses.

What happens after the report?

Every report is handled with the utmost discretion. The confidential advisors adopt a neutral attitude and listen carefully to your question or report. They offer advice and try to find the best possible solution to the (alleged) problem. Confidential advisors are impartial and strive to resolve problematic situations. Listening, thinking along, providing advice, supporting and referring: these are the tasks of the confidential advisor.

The UCLL confidential advisor will contact you after the report and organize a meeting. This meeting will help clarify which further steps are to be taken. Every further step will be discussed beforehand with the person reporting the inappropriate behaviour.