Compose an individual time schedule

To get a correct schedule in and the UCLL-app, it is important to compose a  "personal (individual) time schedule" . 

Here you indicate which Class Group or which combination OLA / Class Group you want to see. 

It is very important to make a correct selection every academic year!

Steps for individual (personal) Time schedule

  • 1 - Go to personal Time Schedule

  • 2 - Look at choosen modules (OLA's)

    • Choose "Show more" next to "Chosen Modules"
    • You get an overview of previous choices:
      • Class Groups
      • Combinations Module  / Classgroup
  • 3 - Eventually change your choices

This can be done in 2 ways:

3A. Choose Class Group

  • Choose the faculty and class group
    • select the faculty 
    • choose the right class group
    • Click "Select"
  • Watch and change eventually the class group
    • Make a new choice by clicking x behind class group + making a new choice. 
    • Eventually remove via the trash can next to "choosen class group" 
  • Bekijk het rooster

3B. Choose class group per ola

  • a) Chosen modules 
    • Look at the actual choices in Chosen modules (if any)
    • Eventually delete inappropriate choices via the trash can (at the right). 
  • b) ISP Modules
    • You get an overview of modules and class groups of your ISP 
    • Choose the right class group for each module (OLA) that you want to appear in your personal time schedule
    • For modules that you don't want to see in your personal schedule, you can blank the class group. 
    • Click  Confirm
    • All modules for which a class group was entered will be: 
      • shown in Chosen modules (a)
      • appear in your personal time schedule 
      • disappear from ISP modules (b)
  • c) General modules 
    • These are activities not linked to a module (OLA).
      (and thus not in the ISP). 
      E.g. : information sessions, meetings, coaching sessions, ... 
    • In this topic all "general modules" are shown that are linked to one of the class groups that appear in "chosen modules". 
    • Choose the class group at the desired General modules that you want to appear in your personal schedule.  
    • Follow the instructions of you programme of study and/or campus.  
  • d) All modules 
    • Here you can add combinations module (OLA) / class group
    • Choose the faculty 
    • Next to the modules you follow, you have to choose the right class group. 
    • Click Confirm 
  • e) Look at the result 
    • Klik "Watch time schedule" 
    • You get a time schedule "Students personal" with
      • An overview of the choosen modules (OLA's)
      • The Schedule of the chosen period.