Studentenlaptops 2022-2023

The laptop is a fully-fledged learning tool and indispensable for most courses. Before you purchase a new laptop, it is best to take into account a few elements and think about what you want to use the device for:


To be able to work smoothly, your laptop should meet the following:

Item Recommended
OS (operating system) Windows 10 or Windows 11, always with the latest security patches
Office Suite Via UCLL you will have Microsoft 365 Apps for Business (formerly Office 365 ProPlus) during the duration of your training
Hard disk Minimal 256 GB SSD
128 GB SSD is only an option if you store all your documents in the cloud and not on your laptop..
Screen connections Most screens on UCLL have an HDMI cable to connect to your device.
Memory We recommend a minimum of 16 GB to run smoothly. This is certainly necessary if you want to work smoothly with multiple packages at the same time, such as Office, Teams, Collaborate...
Wireless network Support for WiFi 6 or WiFi 6e
(!) UCLL is gradually phasing out support for 2.4Ghz
Guarantee We recommend a warranty period of 3 years. That way you are quickly helped in case of defects.
Please note: theft, water damage, etc. are not covered by the warranty.
If you want to protect yourself against this, it is best to take out additional insurance.
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Windows 10 comes standard with "Windows Defender"

Besides, it depends of course on what you want to do with your laptop. We have attempted to define a number of profiles below.

Type user Applications Minimum configuration

Model from Signpost offer

( you can of course choose a model with better specifications)
Regular user

Surfing ,social media,...
office on line,..

  • memory : minimal 8 GB
  • intel i3 or AMD R3 processor

this suffices:

  • Lenovo E14 (14" display)
  • Dell Lattitude 3420 (14" display)

    (with upgrade to 16 GByte, performance will increase even more)

Professional user

Office, Internet,
basic Adobe usage,

  • memory : 16 GB
  • intel i3 or AMD R3 processor
  • full HD resolution

this suffices:

  • Lenovo E14 (14" display) with 16 GByte memory
  • Dell Lattitude 3420 (14" display) with 16 GByte memory

Creative user

office, internet,
intensive  adobe use

  • memory: minimal 16 GB
  • intel i5 or AMD R5 processor
  • hard disk : min. 256 Gbyte SSD
  • full HD resolution
this suffices:
  • Dell latitude 3520 with 16 GByte memory

Developper /
Student  TI

Office, Internet ,adobe usage,
3D applicaions , Basic CAD

  • memory: minimal 16 GB
  • intel i5 or AMD R5 processor
  • hard disk: Big hard disk (>= 512 Gbyte SSD  by  preference pcie SSD)
  • full HD resolution

this suffices:

  • Dell latitude 3520 with 16 GByte memory and 512 GB SSD hard disk
  • Lenovo Thinkbook I5 G3
  • HP Z-book Power G9



Office, Internet ,Adobe usage,
3D applications, Basic CAD, Gaming

  • memory: minimal 16 GB
  • intel i5 orAMD R5 processor
  • hard disk: Big hard disk (>= 512 Gbyte SSD  by  preference pcie SSD)
  • full HD resolution with more then 4Gbyte memory . The video card largely determines the quality when gaming.


ucll AdVice to STUDENTs

UCLL itself does NOT offer laptops for sale, it only wants to advise (future) students if they are considering buying a new laptop. That is why you should read the Minimum requirements that we recommend as a university college. With the configuration you should  be able to work smoothly during your studies at UC Leuven Limburg.

When making a purchase, do not only consider the price, but also pay attention to the service. After all, it is not pleasant that you have to wait a long time for  a repair or replacement, when you're device stops working.

Laptops - offer Signpost

UCLL has asked Signpost Belgium to place an offer on-line that complies with its (minimum) requirements at a good price and with the option of a 3-year Next business day on-site warranty. The latter means that you can report a problem with your device by telephone or e-mail and a technician will be on site ((home, school, student room))  the same day or at the latest the next working day to check the problem and make the repairs on site. to be carried out. If the technician cannot solve the problem, a similar replacement device is immediately provided with (if possible) your data on it.

See also the  folder.

This is a completely non-binding offer, so no obligation!

A laptop is purchased directly from Signpost, which is responsible for delivery, service and warranty. Any questions about payments, deliveries, etc. must therefore also be addressed directly to the company.

Do you have a problem with the laptop you purchased from Signpost? You can make a ticket at Signpost -fieldservices

Take a look at the Signpost offer

Prefer an apple-computer?

Check with your training whether you can run all software used in the training on an Apple device!

For example, some software packages are not available for an Apple computer. An example of this is Microsoft Access. Our university college also offers only minimal support for Apple devices. We only help to connect you're Apple device to the wireless network. webshop has the best academic prices on Apple hardware.

Check the website of